Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is guided by our absolute commitment to being more than just an investor. We challenge ourselves to not only add value by connecting capital to opportunity, but also through in-depth market insight, operational expertise and strategic introductions. 

Our investment approach is founded on six core principles:

1. Connection with the Entrepreneur

We ensure we know and trust the entrepreneur team and see long-term opportunities for their business. Our intent is to take active minority stakes and partner with the entrepreneurs.

2. Understanding of the Businesses and Environment

Our Partners offer over 175 years of combined experience across the sectors and markets in which we do business through multiple cycles.

3. Governance, Structure and Clarity on Exit

We strive to balance the interests of the Fund with the needs of the investee companies and entrepreneurs to optimize returns while mitigating downside risk and currency exposure. We ensure best governance, management and information rights. Our path to exit must be realistic and aligned to the entrepreneur and other stakeholders.

4. Senior Oversight

Typically, two Partners are involved from origination to exit based on their geography and sector experience, and relationship with the entrepreneur.

5. Post Investment Portfolio Management

We create value for the companies we invest in by leveraging our networks and industry knowledge. We are a ‘connector’ that, in addition to providing capital, also catalyses cross pollination of ideas and cross-regional collaborations. Active portfolio management helps us effectively track performance and mitigate risks early.

6. Environmental and Social Impact

We aim to deliver lasting positive social and environmental impact on the communities in which we choose to do business.